Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

My wisdom teeth are finally out! All four were impacted. I've needed to get them out for awhile, but I definitely wasn't looking forward to it and a lot of other things kept coming up.

There were a couple of extra risks I had. First off, there was a nerve that ran right through one of the teeth and they weren't sure if when they pulled it that my whole lower lip could go numb for a day, or weeks or even months! The second problem was that one tooth was sitting on my jaw line and I happen to have a thinner jaw than most people. That put me at a higher risk for my jaw breaking when they pulled it. But, praise the Lord, there were no complications!

I was knocked out for the whole thing which is nice! I honestly don't even remember falling asleep. I had the mask with the laughing gas on my face for a bit and then the doctor came in and started the IV. I remember thinking, "No! Don't start yet! I'm still awake and can feel everything!", but what felt like a second later, I woke up to Zach carrying me up our stairs. haha.

I kept ice on it pretty much the entire first day, as everyone kept telling me to make sure I did. Today the swelling isn't too bad and I don't feel any pain yet, it's just sore to the touch. I'm so so glad to finally have it over with though!

I got this meal replacement shake to have since I can't really eat anything and living off milkshakes definitely won't give me any nutrition! I have to say though, this stuff is really good. I think I'll keep it on hand on a regular basis!

Now it's pretty low in calories (90 calories) and you should have about 300 calories at each meal. But I add lots of stuff to it like yogurt, peanut butter, coconut oil, fruit, etc.

I'm so thankful that Zach has been able to have two days off. He keeps telling me to lay down, take a nap, and take it easy while he cleans up the house and takes care of Elliott and Max. All in all, it's been a nice little break so far and I'm glad it's done with!!!

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