Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm back!!

I know I haven't posted for awhile. 'Tis the season where everything gets super busy right?!

Starting everything off, Elliott's birthday was a success. I love planning parties and now I'll have an excuse to plan parties every year. ;)  Overall, it was a lot of fun, great getting to see friends, and Elliott loved all his new toys. (He wasn't too impressed with the idea of cake though.)

Another kind of stressful thing we had that weekend was our home inspection and joint interview for becoming foster parents. It went well though and there are just a couple more things we need to get done- and we have until December 13th to do it.

Then we flew to AL for Zach's twin brother, Elliott, and Meagan's wedding. It was my first time flying plus first time flying with an infant and I can's no fun. haha. Overall Elliott did really well, but it's hard making him sit in that little plane so long! It was definitely nice flying with family and being able to pass him around.

Alabama was beautiful and I got to experience first hand the wonderful, gracious, Southern hospitality. Everyone was so sweet and it was fun getting to spend a week with Meagan's awesome family and getting to meet her friends. We will definitely have to go back to visit! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and went off without any problems. I had a blast getting to be a bridesmaid (my first time!) and am so excited and blessed to have an amazing sister like Meagan.

Next we flew to San Diego. We started it off by leaving Elliott with his many aunts and uncles and grandma and Zach and I went out. We postponed our anniversary celebration last month until we were in SD. We had a yummy lunch and then just got to spend some quality time talking and de-stressing and walking on the beach. It was much needed and a lot of fun. :)

The week in SD we just went to all our favorite places, ate at our "only in San Diego" restaurants, and had a great time just being with family- talking, laughing, playing games, relaxing with and of course, eating delicious food. ^_^

The trip home was hard. It was way past Elliott's naptime plus he had been out of routine for two weeks now. Then, we had a two hour layover in LA and I ate an egg omelet at the airport that must have had something bad in it. I felt awful and just laid on the seats by our gate for the next hour while Zach entertained Elliott. When we finally got seated on the plane, I threw up breakfast. Ugh!

Although I miss family and SD so much, it just feels good to be HOME. We ordered pizza (yeah, one last day to blow eating healthy. haha), put Elliott to bed and cuddled watching a movie. The perfect end to our busy, crazy, fun, exciting past 2 weeks. <3

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