Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sister Time

My sister, Rachel, came down for Spring Break and I remember how much I miss having my sisters around!

Most of what to do in Las Cruces is just going out to eat so we've taken her to all our favorite spots. ;)

Haha, we haven't been all lazy. We're doing a half marathon together in 6 weeks and training for that. Plus I've introduced her to Crossfit. She loves it! I've officially done it for a whole month now. I haven't seen any changes in body fat yet, but my diet hasn't been that great. Yesterday was the first day of all of March that I finally stopped being sore. lol. For this next month, my goal is to finally start and complete a Whole30.

Matthew is growing so fast. He's finally chunking up. Not nearly as chunky as Elliott was though. Elliott was just a butterball! Maybe this means Matthew will crawl and walk sooner than Elliott did.

We're kinda doing solids. He doesn't like anything we've tried and spits out everything. In fact, he doesn't like much in general. He doesn't like ever being put down, he doesn't like any toys that you give him, he doesn't like naps, he doesn't like taking his bottle in any other position than facing out, he'll only take his bottle if it's been heated up to a certain temperature, he doesn't like if Elliott is crying, he doesn't like being in a room by a lot of the day he's just whining and crying. Good thing he's cute. :P I look forward to when he and Elliott will start playing together. I just love that I have two boys so close together. <3


  1. Hi! I always love your posts and your babies are so cute, as always! Any chance you can give me some meal planning tips? I always get stuck! You look great btw!! :)


    1. I mean, meal planning for whole 30! :)

  2. Thank you! :) There's a lot on the internet if you look around. Here are three really good places to start:
    Miss you and hope you guys are doing well!