Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fluoride Whitens Teeth and Prevents Cavities right?

Actually, no. Now I know this a controversial topic, but after researching the topic, I've found that fluoride is not only useless, but also damaging to your teeth. Studies have found that it causes a host of problems such as mouth cancer, can travel to the nervous and reproductive system and damage that, and also weakens bones...which are our teeth! Fluoride's popularity grew around 1990 which also happened to be time when the aluminum industry had lots of byproduct that they didn't know what to do with. What was the byproduct? Fluoride! Fluoride, at higher doses, is used in rat poison.

When I started researching fluoride, I was more focused on the toothpaste. However, I found a lot of things about fluoride that is in our drinking water! Interesting that even though it is promoted as healthy and solving tooth decay here in the United States, other countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands have also researched and done studies on fluoride and have determined that it is not safe for human consumption and have banned it from their water sources. 

The Weston Price Foundation even calls fluoride "highly toxic" and a "corrosive gas". Another one of my favorite blogs has some links to more about the topic, but bottom line is, get rid of your fluoride toothpaste!
Unfortunately, I can't seem to find fluoride free toothpaste of any brand at Walmart or Albertsons. You do have to go to a health food store. But stay tuned, I'll be experimenting with making our own homemade, and still good tasting!, toothpaste soon. ;) 

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