Friday, April 12, 2013


This past weekend I started not feeling good. Nauseated and tired. Elliott had just gotten over the flu so I figured that had to be all it was. Come Monday, I went to my Crossfit class and we started with sprints. I thought I was going to die. I could not catch my breath and after the fifth round, felt like throwing up. On a whim, I decided just to make sure I was just super out of shape and not pregnant....

Surprise! It took me a few days to really believe I was pregnant. I just kept thinking "Matthew isn't even seven months yet". But praise God for His sovereignty, Him being perfect and all knowing in all things and for blessing us yet again with another sweet baby...girl this time maybe? ;) I had no idea how far along I was so I got an ultrasound the next day and they said I looked about 5-6 weeks. Due date is sometime in December. Hopefully towards the beginning of the month since it gets busy the end of the month with Christmas Eve, Christmas, my birthday and New Years Eve. But with Elliott being 6 days late and Matthew being 12 days late, I won't get my hopes up.

With Elliott, I ate anything and everything I wanted. Isn't that what everyone says? "You're pregnant, don't worry about it!" But pregnancy is the time to watch what you eat the most because you want good nutrition for your growing baby to have all the vitamins and minerals and good gut bacteria he/she needs. Easier said than done though. I had great plans for not pigging out and eating junk food with Matthew. Once that morning sickness, or for me, all day nausea and throwing up starts, I eat whatever sounds good. After the sickness goes away around 20 weeks, those habits and cravings are there and I keep eating that way. I did a little better with Matthew because I logged all my food. At least I could see it all laid out and a rough estimate of the calories each day. No joke, I could eat a whole Coldstone cake and a large pizza in a day if I didn't care...and I did that when pregnant with Elliott. :P I really am going to try to be different this time around. To not fill up on empty calories, but to eat clean whole nutritious foods. The cravings I can resist- I resist cravings every day! It's just the feeling like you're going to throw up all day and french fries pop into your mind and it's the only thing that sounds remotely good. The only thing that you feel like you won't throw up but trying to eat something more nutritious when all you want is Jack in the Box french fries is hard!! This morning I woke up sick and horribly nauseous. All I wanted was pancakes. I thought pancakes sounded like the only thing I would be able to keep down. But I made myself eggs. It did not sound good at the time...nor the whole time I was making them. Surprisingly though, while I was eating them, I started to feel better. And at the end of the meal, I felt good and satisfied instead of the still sick feeling I usually have. There may be something to this eating healthy thing. ;)

Btw, this cracks me up. I can totally relate! Bahahaha

Two tips I've recently learned to help me eat less that I want to pass along. I tend to eat my food super fast and before my stomach has time to let my brain know it's full, I've already gotten a second or third plate and ate it just as fast. Then I find by the end of a meal, I am absolutely stuffed. The first one Rachel showed me while she was out here. It simply is to just set your fork down between each bite. It feels weird at first, but then you just start doing it out of habit. Take a bite. Set the fork down. Chew. Pick up fork and repeat. :) Eating slowly makes it easier for your body to digest the food and lets you know when your stomach is full sooner than scarfing your plate.

Second tip is to use a smaller bowl or plate for your food. Here are two eggs and vegetables:

Putting it on a larger plate automatically makes you feel like you don't get to eat as much before you've even started your meal. Try using a smaller plate and fill it up!

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