Monday, June 13, 2011

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.
I was reminded this past week of the power of prayer. I have to admit, my prayer life is not the greatest. I know God tells us, commands us, and wants us to pray to Him and that He listens to my prayers, but sometimes I don't pray for certain things because I feel like God already has the result planned out regardless if I pray or not. (I know that is not the right way to think and am constantly praying about it!) Other times, it's not that I think God can't answer my prayer. I know and believe that nothing is too hard for God. But at times I think a certain request isn't important enough for God to change/answer. Early this past week as Zach and I were praying before he left for work, Zach prayed for a certain request and I confess that I sinfully thought, "hmmm, that won't happen". But that weekend, God answered our prayer!!!... Despite my sinful, doubting heart. I was reminded how important, how powerful prayer is. That God does listen to every request (and all other aspects of prayer). When I really stop and think about it, I am in awe that the God of the Universe cares to listen to my prayers. I'm doing a "reading through the Bible in a year" plan and am reading about Solomon right now. I sometimes think it would be so much easier if God spoke to me through dreams and prophets like He did in the Old Testament times. Sometimes He seems so far away in today's times. But the reminder this past week, of answering just a small prayer- but that truly was a miracle- brings to my heart how close God really is and how He is in every part of my life. I am so thankful to be one of His and saved by Jesus' blood!

Also this past week, I taught 21 first graders at VBS. I had a blast! This was my first time EVER doing VBS. I had two awesome helpers, Rachel Tessier & Sarah Climp, that helped me so much with decorations, splitting the kids up, and keeping them in line. The hardest part was probably just getting them to all stop talking over each other. LOL. That age group is my favorite though and I met a lot of kids that don't go to our church so I had never met before. It was fun hearing them call me "Teacher" or "Mrs. Felix". :)

Zach came and helped out for two of the days he was off work and the kids just loved him. :)

Rachel with her group.

I can't wait to do VBS again next year!

(This picture was taken by our awesome photographer, Sarah Barrett)

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