Saturday, September 10, 2011

Low Fat?

Does choosing the "low fat" cracker actually do you any good? NO! In fact, choosing a food with words like "fat free", "low fat" or "low calorie" on the label usually means it isn't. Take a cracker or a cookie. Made with whole ingredients, this cracker is 100 calories. How do the manufactures make this 100 calorie cracker just 5 calories?

Well, they need to take it to a lab. Now they need to take out the real ingredients, which make this cracker 100 calories and lower the calorie count while still making it taste the same. How do they do that? Just add in additives, preservatives, food dyes, and artificial sweeteners. The finished cracker finally is just 5 calories and includes the wonderful ingredients Thiamine Mononitrate, Soy Lecithin, High Oleic Canola Oil, Sorbic Acid, Autolyzed Yeast Extract and Datem...just to name a few. This version of the cracker, though less in fat and calories, does your body MORE harm than good. This isn't food. This isn't something you can make in your kitchen. Your body cannot process these synthetic materials.

Have the majority of your foods be whole, unprocessed foods that don't come in a package. If you do, read the ingredient list. Look past the fancy paper and health claims on the package. Make sure you can pronounce everything in it and the fewer ingredients the better! 


  1. Good stuff, girlie! you are gifted!

  2. A tip I've read: When you go to the grocery store, shop the outer perimeter first! Works best for me, and gives me more fun time in the kitchen :) (Winds up being cheaper, too!)