Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Finally October!!

I have to say, October is probably my favorite month. I love fall colors.

Oh and isn't this just dreamy!??!?!

Pumpkins are absolutely my favorite food and decorations ever! I'm planning on trying lots of new pumpkin recipes now through the end of the year. Oh I love October!!!!

My project for this month is also to find a way to make my favorite pumpkin spice latte, but with half the sugar and dairy free. Stay tuned.

Another big reason I love October is because it's the month I married the man who is my whole world, the man I adore so much. We're coming up on 2 years already! I love remembering the wonderful, sweet, amazing day I became Mrs. Zachary Felix.

And now, October doesn't end on what I used to consider a "bad note" with Halloween anymore. It now ends with our happy, adorable little son, Elliott's birthday. (I just realized I need to get to planning that party of his!!!)

God is so good!

All that being said, I thought I'd also post a great workout today. It's just two simple exercises, but it will work your whole body. The next day every muscle in my body was sore. And if you're not sore, up the weight!!!

Do 25 kettlebells swings each arm (I didn't have a kettlebell, but you can do this just as easily with a dumbbell)

Followed by 100 high knee jump ropes (I kept tripping over the jump rope so about halfway through, I just did high knees and forgot about the jump rope part)
Repeat 10x.
Make sure to time yourself and keep trying to beat your previous time!

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  1. Rebecca, I can NOT believe you guys are going on 2 years and Elliot is a year old this month! Where does the time go? Crazy!! Congrats to you guys :) xo