Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green Smoothie

I've been having a hard time getting Elliott to eat recently. He's fine living off his goat's milk, cheese and bananas. I've made all different kinds and varieties of foods to get some good nutrition in him, but he seems to hate all food. (I sure hope this is just a temporary picky phase.) One food group he has decided he will not even try are vegetables. I guess that's typical, but I was hoping since I fed him so many vegetable dishes in the beginning, that he'd always just like them. I guess it doesn't work that way. Today I read about green smoothies being great for kids and don't know why I never thought of that. I tried it this morning.

Here's what we did:
-Half a banana
-2 handfuls of different leafy greens
-Some frozen blueberries and strawberries (for green drinks you just want to make sure the ratio is 40% greens and 60% fruit)
-1 tblsp of orange juice concentrate (it's a more frugal way to put juice in your smoothie since you can stretch the concentrate longer than buying the juice)
-1/2 tblsp chia seeds
Add water and blend!

The result? Elliott LOVED it.

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