Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pregnancy sickness with a 14 month old... a lot different than the first time when I could lay in bed all day, sleep and watch movies (and if course run to the bathroom to throw up every 15 minutes). Now Elliott keeps coming over to see what I'm doing and if I'll play with him. I have to cook his food which makes me gag no matter what I feed him. And on top of all that, he's pretty sick with a runny nose and cough right now so he doesn't feel good either and wants to be held. Yesterday us two sickies just laid in bed watching Pride and Prejudice together. :)

This time of pregnancy sickness (I call it that instead of morning sickness because I actually feel best in the mornings and it slowly gets worse and worse all day.) is actually not as bad as with Elliott. With Elliott I couldn't keep anything down and there was no relief. This time I'm able to pick a food that actually sounds good and I've kept ALMOST everything down. Not throwing up this time nearly as much. Day 1 of when the sickness hit, all I wanted was grilled cheese sandwiches. Day 2 I only had sushi...but I had 3 big plates of it. ;) It was yummy! Day 3 all I wanted were bean and cheese burritos. Still waiting today, on day 4, to see what sounds good.

So my gut instinct says a girl on this one. I'd love another boy for a playmate with Elliott though...but if it's a girl, of course I'd love her just as much. :)

I knew I'd be feeling sick soon so at the beginning of the week, I took Elliott to the park, a play day with friends, and the library. Here are some pictures of the fun he had!

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