Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get your Workout Time In

I love short, intense, effective workouts. Something easy to do to boost your metabolism and burn some extra calories while the kids are napping or something short and practical to do on your lunch break. This workout is only 10 minutes long and one exercise...the killer burpee!

The one thing this picture doesn't show that I'd like to add is that after you jump your feet back, do one pushup. Then jump your feet back to your hands and jump up. Set your timer for 10 minutes and go! My best time is doing 56 burpees in those 10 minutes. Let me know how you do!

Zach and I have started this new thing where we wake up just 15 minutes earlier every morning and do as many pull ups as we can, straight into as many pushups as we can, and right into as many sit ups as we can. Then we take a short break, no more than a minute or 2, and do that 2 more times. It's an easy thing to add to your morning before starting your day. It takes us 15 minutes or less to do those three sets. I reallyyy need to work on my pull ups!

Don't wait until the New Year for making fitness goals. Now is as good any time as any!!!

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